I am a university trained philosopher (Ph.D.) who has decided to make his writing skills available for hire. I have written hundreds of thousands of words over the last decade, including a Ph.D. thesis and a dozen academic articles, published in highly regarded, world-read journals (see my C.V.).

I’m the editor for you whether you’re a native speaker, a non-speaker, an undergraduate working on his/her writing sample, a postgraduate trying to perfect a piece of work for publication, or even a postdoctoral researcher who could use an extra pair of eyes.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it’s just as hard to wield.

Pendaran Roberts


10% Holiday discount until January 2nd!

Email me at pendaran@mac.com to discuss a service.

Basic Proofreading: 20 USD (16 UK pounds) per 3000 words

This service is for basic proofreading to catch typos and simple grammatical mistakes. The service is for someone who is already content with the overall language of their work but wants to avoid simple mistakes.  The copyediting provided by most academic publishers does not include proofreading.

Stylistic proofreading: 30 USD (24 UK pounds) per 3000 words

This service can be thought of as a proofreading plus service. It includes the proofreading but, in addition, includes moderate editing to improve readability and flow. This would be a good service for a non-native speaker who wants some help making their writing sound natural. Depending on your English-writing ability, the below full editing service may be more appropriate. (The stylistic proofreading service has been updated to include moderate editing instead of light editing.)

Editing: 35 USD-55 USD (28-43 UK pounds) per 3000 words

My editing service includes proofreading but, in addition, takes a more in-depth look at your writing with an aim to improve its readability and organization. The rate depends on the amount of time needed to meet your needs. I can ensure your writing meets the standards of leading, international journals: that it’s clear, concise, and absent of ambiguity.

All changes for all services will be made using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. You can decide whether to accept or reject. 


Purchasing a writing service 

Email me at pendaran@mac.com.

Please use a relevant heading, e.g. ‘writing service.’

Include as an attachment your relevant work(s) using a Word file.

Feel free to discuss your needs with me.

Terms and conditions

I will return your email within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

I normally can proofread or edit shorter works within 1 workweek and longer works with 2-4 weeks (expedited services are available upon request).

A sample of your proofread/edited work can be provided before payment, but payment is required before your work is returned in full.

There is a 20% deposit for works longer than 20,000 words.

I accept payment via bank transfer or paypal.



University of Nottingham, Ph.D. in Philosophy, passed without corrections, June 2014.

University of Missouri – St. Louis, M.A. in Philosophy, GPA 3.88/4.00, May 2010.

Auburn University, B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, Cum Laude, May 2008.

Peer-reviewed, journal publications

Roberts, P. (forthcoming). Another look at color primitivism. Synthese, DOI:    10.1007/s11229-018-1821-9.

Roberts, P., Andow, J., & Schmidtke, K. (2018). Lay intuitions about epistemic normativity. Synthese, 195, 3267-3287.

Roberts, P. (2017). Turning up the volume on the property view of sound. Inquiry, 60, 337-357.

Roberts, P. (2017). An ecumenical response to color contrast cases. Synthese, 194, 1725-1742.

Roberts, P., Allen, K., & Schmidtke, K. (2016). Folk intuitions about the causal theory of perception. Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy, 3. (This article was selected for a symposium on the popular, Brains Blog, published November 19th, 2017. http://philosophyofbrains.com.)

Roberts, P. & Schmidtke, K. (2016). Relationalism about perceptible properties and the principle of charity. Synthese, 193, 2779-2803.

Roberts, P. & Knobe, J. (2016). Interview on experimental philosophy with Joshua Knobe. Exchanges: The Warwick Research Journal4, 14-28.

Roberts, P. & Schmidtke, K. (2015). Color naming and color matching: A reply to Kuehni and Hardin. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 6, 207-212.

Roberts, P. (2014). Color relationalism, ordinary illusion, and color incompatibility. Philosophia, 9, 1085-1097.

Roberts, P., Andow, J., & Schmidtke, K. (2014). Colour relationalism and the real deliverances of introspection. Erkenntnis, 79, 1173-1189.

Roberts, P. (2014). Parsing the rainbow. Synthese, 191, 1793-1811.

Roberts, P. & Schmidtke, K. (2012). In defense of incompatibility, objectivism, and veridicality about color. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 3, 547-558.

Popular press publications

Roberts, P. (2016). Are humans more valuable than animals. A comment on the killing of Harambe, the gorilla, to save a human child. OpEdNews.

Roberts, P. (2015). Yellen presents false reality to congress. OpEdNews.

Roberts, P. (2015). The fairy tale of economic recovery. The decline in the US labor force participation rate is not due to demographic factors. Global Research.


Highly recommended!

December 12, 2018

I had Dr. Roberts proofread my writing sample for philosophy graduate school applications. He was able to provide an attention to detail that busy professors sometimes aren’t able to do. I was in a hurry since application deadlines were coming soon, but Dr. Roberts was able to give me very thorough and valuable feedback by the next day! Overall, I’d highly recommend his services!


Professional and Quick

November 11, 2018

Pendaran’s editing has increased the clarity, structure, and professionalism of my work without removing my voice (aka style). I am very impressed by his ability to catch ambiguous sentences, and thankful for his suggestions to disambiguate those sentences. I am also thankful for his quick service, as often my work is returned within a week.


Academic paper revisions

November 11, 2018

Dr Roberts helped edit my paper to prepare it for submission. He has an exceptional eye for detail, and a very broad and detailed knowledge base of academic topics. After his comments/edits my work looked infinitely more professional, and no doubt contributed towards its subsequent publication in a highly-ranked academic journal.

Ben Smart